About Us


Hi, we’re My Dental Care Guide Team, and welcome to our blog.

We’ve come a long way since we started dentistry blog.

We began this blog as a hobby, but while time goes on, we started to get more serious about it. We decided that we need to provide high-quality, well-researched information about different dental problems to the other people. We use only high authority sources of information to create articles for this blog.

Dentistry is a fascinating topic for us, one which presents new challenges and exciting discoveries year after year.

Technologies have developed, as have attitudes. Nowadays humans can treat people faster, better, more efficiently, and very importantly, more comfortably.

But there’s still a lot of fear and misunderstanding surrounding the subject.

In our team, we are becoming increasingly assured of a very simple fact: the health of the mouth is vital to the health of the body. The general population, though, seems to be a bit behind.

That’s why we started this blog. We wish to share our knowledge with people and hopefully educate them not just on the importance of their oral health, but of the many wonderful and exciting ways in which they can maintain it.

We hope you find it helpful.